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Former convent, now restaurants - Chimes

Part of old convent

Fire Station

Would you believe Police Station!

Marina Sands sans haze

Day 37. Thursday. 19/9/2019. Singapore

Ian’s claiming jet lag - I’m saying catch-up. It was 9.30am when I decided I didn’t want to miss out on breakfast - I’d been awake since 7.30, and Ian was still asleep! He heard me getting ready to leave the room, quickly dressed and followed me down, so we just scraped in breakfast before 10am. We walked to Raffles City thinking we’d keep out of the haze and stay indoors. We certainly did that! Wandered around, down some escalators, looked around a bit more, down more escalators and walked some more, all underground. Ian needed a loo stop and while I waited for 30 mins I perused the map and decided enough was enough. We had some lunch and then map in hand, started following the Exit signs, trying to get out to a street. Not easy! And then an angel in disguise as an office worker asked us if we needed help.........I asked how do we get out of this place onto a street. He laughed and asked where we wanted to go, took the map and said he had a little time to spare, and would show us the way, coffee in hand. We walked for about 10 minutes until we finally came to the exit we needed to get out. What a relief - I was thinking I’d done something really bad and would be locked in a shopping centre for life!! We told him where we entered this maze and he could hardly believe how far we’d walked. We thanked the delightful young man who was hoping to get a corporate ticket to the F1 race - we hope he does - he certainly deserves it. And I’m beginning to think we shouldn’t be let out alone!! As we were walking ON THE STREET we passed about 30 men who obviously were involved in the F1 race dressed in Williams team colours. Shame it wasn’t Daniel or his team! They were walking towards the track, so, looks like it was time for work.....

We walked back towards our hotel, passing Chimes, a former convent, now restaurants, which I had read about some time ago. A huge convent and church covering so much land in this city of high rise - it was beautiful. We passed Clarke Quay and think we’ll walk there tonight for dinner - if our legs and feet will ever work again.

I’ve just looked out of our window and seen some sky for the first time since we arrived - and it’s blue!

We did go to Clarke Quay, but were quite disappointed - nothing like we remember it from .... when Margaret? 1998? So we walked to Boat Quay and ate there again, which was good. The music was so loud that it was nearly deafening - I know, we’re getting old, or are already old, depending on how old you are! It’s obviously a place for the young.

I mentioned about ear plugs beside our bed when we arrived - well, although not loud enough to be a real problem, we, no, I can hear singing and music - well, sounds more like a dirge to me - until about 3am. I haven’t needed the ear plugs yet. We’ve both been too tired for anything to keep us awake.

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