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Purple striped jellyfish

Sea Nettle jellyfish

California moray eels

Puget Sound King Crab

Clam chowder bread bowl

Fanshell Beach shore, sea, and sky photo

Deer grazing on Cypress Point golf course fairway

Sandy with famous Lone Cypress Tree in background

Today's adventure took us to the town of Monterey, CA, for which the famous bay is named. We visited the famous Monterey Aquarium, and it is a very well done facility. It has exhibits for both kids and adults and on varying aspects of marine life. This is a definite recommendation should you travel this way.

Some of the pictures included show a purple striped jellyfish, a sea nettle jellyfish (both of which you would not want to run across in the water), California moray eels (big suckers and pretty ugly things), and a Puget Sound King Crab.

Adjacent to the aquarium is Cannery Row. As the name implies, it had been the area for taking harvested fish and canning them. Its new lease on life is as a tourist shopping area and restaurant dinning. Some of the shops are interesting while others sell what Sandy and I thought to be lesser quality merchandise (aka trinkets). We indulged ourselves in a delicious freshly made clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Talk about a proverbial twofer!

17 Mile Drive, between Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, is a fascinating roadway, festooned with often large and varied architecture homes, beautiful cypress trees, and well laid out golf courses. We saw a deer grazing near the tee on Monterey Peninsula Country Golf course. In and of itself that would not be too odd, but there were four golfers on the tee not 15 yards or so from the deer. Attached are pictures from Fanshell Beach, which is one of the primary pupping habitats for harbor seals, Sandy with the famous Lone Cypress Tree in the background, and a different deer grazing on the fairway of the Cypress Point Club.

Tomorrow will be devoted to exploring Carmel, a truly charming, quaint, and expensive town. Thanks for reading.

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