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Just a small section of F1 track

Day 36. Wednesday. 18/9/2018. Singapore

This morning the smog was thick - so thick that there were signs saying to stay indoors as much as possible, and automatic opening doors would have to be opened manually to keep the smog out of buildings. We couldn’t even see the tops of some of the buildings! Hopefully it won’t hurt us for a few days, but fancy living here!

We walked to China Town this morning and poked around for a while, had some lunch then walked back - all in stifling heat. We decided to have a rest before venturing out in the afternoon. Ian did have a good sleep!!! And I finished my book and had a short nap. We left just after 4 to walk around to Marina Bay for the 8pm Light Show, stopping on the way for a proper coffee at Starbucks (not Ian’s favourite, but the spoon stood up in my coffee this morning), and as many roads are now blocked in preparation for the big race on Sunday night, we were redirected which meant extra walking. We passed one of the many Fullerton Hotels where there was ‘an event in place’. We could see the big room and it was packed - with Formula 1 people. Ian recognised one of the Announcers - but we didn’t see Daniel - and there were some pretty fancy cars parked outside. We continued walking slowly to Marina Bay and were there in time to get good seats to watch the Light Show, which was great. After the show, we went into the shopping complex for dinner and the thought of a long walk back to the hotel was just too much for Ian, so we caught one of the tourist boats 2 stops, which took us fairly close to ‘home’.

Shower, a couple of emails, and now the journey then bed.

No photos as my phone says ‘you’re dangerously low on space’, so I’ll have to get Spencer or Dom to help with that when we get home.

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