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2,000+ Roman sarcophagus in a courtyard

Bedroom with a 400 year old Hand carved Italian bed

Sandy in an ornate hallway

Sandy in Hearst's Library

4,000 year old Etruscan vase in Castle's library

Bedroom with Italian hand carved bed that is over 400 years old

Predominantly blue Sitting Room

400 year old Italian painted ceiling in Sitting Room

Hearst's surprisingly smallish bedroom

Hearst's personal office - not too shabby

Painting of Napoleon in Egypt in Hearst's personal office

Hand carved teak figures near the roof line

Big Sur - Pacific Ocean meets the rocky shore line

Alas, the movie clip I took of Sandy feeding her new friends, the same squirrels from yesterday, is too large to attach. So fear not, Sandy made a valiant effort to make a bunch of new furry friends!

We went back to Hearst Castle for a second tour of the Upstairs Suites, which was well worth the cost and effort. I mention the latter because one has to walk a great number of stairs to see all the rooms. Prior to starting the tour, I spied what turned out to be a 2,000+ year old Roman sarcophagus merely sitting in a small courtyard. The guide mentioned there were 4 such on the property. Come on! Who has thousands of years old antiquities populating their house or property? Obviously, Hearst did.

One of the bedrooms we saw had a hand carved Italian bed that was over 400 years old. The largely blue Sitting Room next to it had an Italian painted ceiling that also was over 400 years old. You will see a picture of Sandy walking down a very ornate hallway.

The library of the castle is enough to proverbially "knock your socks off." It is very large, contains thousands of volumes, and it too has a hand carved ceiling that is from Spain. One of the items in the library is an Etruscan vase that is over 4,000 years old. Wow!

Hearst's bedroom proved somewhat on the small size, given the size of other rooms in the mansion, but his personal office more than made up for that in its size and ornate trappings. Pictures of both are included. In his office was a painting of Napoleon in Egypt, among many other kinds of art work. Another picture shows hand carved teak figures just under the roof line.

The last picture is of a spot in Big Sur where the Pacific Ocean meets the rocky shore line. All in all, Big Sur proved to be a Big Disappointment. There were too many areas of road work that denied access to vista points and there were way too many people in the area. Consequently, we could not stop in places like Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to see some of the amazing sights in the area. Also, the land slides and other natural disruptions changed some of the landscape. Too bad! I'd suggest either avoiding the area for a while, or lower your expectations on what to see.

Tomorrow we head for Monterey. Thanks for reading.

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