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Back alley as we’re walking down a short lane

Just a little hard to see

Marina Sands - and Ian xx

One of the Fullerton Hotels

Merlion Singapore

Day 35. Tuesday. 17/9/2019. Zurich to Singapore

A good flight with a few bumpy spots, but I had a great sleep, and it was lovely when I woke up knowing that I didn’t have to be up at a certain time for breakfast.....I only had to please myself. Ian said he had a couple of 3 hour naps, so he did well also. We arrived in Singapore on time to steamy heat, but we didn’t expect anything different. We would have had to wait an hour for the Shuttle Bus to our hotel, at a cost of $9.50pp. After queuing for a long time to get through Immigration, I couldn’t handle that thought, so the lady checked the cost of an Uber (we think) and said $17. I thought per person, but was happy, so she contacted one and before we were out of the building, it was waiting for us. When we got to the Hotel, the cost was $18 total, so we were laughing. Hoping the Concierge/Porter/Check-in and Office person can arrange something for Saturday. This is only a reasonably small hotel and the

Front Desk is no bigger than our office desk at home. The rooms are clean and compact, but we’re happy. We’re a bit worried though - earplugs were sitting beside our bed....will report tomorrow.

We walked to Boat Quay where there are probably 60-80 small eateries including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Afghan, Russian, Greek, Italian, Pakistani, American, a British Pub - but no Aussie! We walked on past some of the Formula 1 Track and stands, chatted with 4 young men from Ghana and continued on to Marina Bay where there is a light show each night at 8pm. Unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of Marina Bay to see the show at its best, but that worked for us because we were getting hungry so decided to eat now and watch the show tomorrow night from in front of the Marina Sands. Breakfast on the plane was at 2.30pm Singapore time. We walked back to Boat Harbour and had Chinese which was very good, but a bit surprised when we were charged $1 for 2 wet wipes - that’s a first for us. Back to the hotel, showers and bed soon.

Photos haven’t come through to iPad yet, so will attach tomorrow. xx

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