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Steps down to shops are so steep!

One of the many statues in Bern

Big cheese at the Farmers Market

Looking down from Government offices to River Aare

Clock Tower and famous clock

One of the many streets which look like this

Another statue in Bern about a man who.............

Eats babies! Gruesome. Trudi said she learned this story at school.

Day 34. Monday. 16/9/2019. Ipsach to Bern (day trip)

Tonight we fly out of Switzerland.

Another beautiful morning and very hot day. We did a loop in the train today where we spent a few hours in Bern which is a beautiful city with lots of old buildings, and from behind the Government buildings you could look down over River Aare which runs around the edge of the city. There were farmers markets in front of the Govt. buildings offering tastings, and speakers were talking of local farming issues. The Clock Tower (Zytglogge), once a city gate, is the landmark of the city where many people gather in front of the Clock Tower to watch the clock mechanism from the 16th century perform its unique spectacle. The mechanical figures, including a parade of bears, a jester, a golden rooster and Chronos, the god of time, enthrall visitors young and old. Unfortunately, we heard them but just missed the 12 gongs for midday! Marcel asked if we wanted to go to the Bear Pit which is an attraction of Bern - ‘it’s only one and a half kilometres’. Yes, 1.5 there plus 1.5 back - no thanks, we’re not up to walking 3km at the best of times, let alone in this heat and after walking around for nearly 2 hours already!! We looked at a few more old buildings then had lunch and caught a train back to Ipsach. The 29 degree heat plus all the walking knocked us all about, so we came home an hour earlier than planned and had a short rest before a cuppa and cake, then back on the train for our journey to the airport, arriving just before 7pm. Trudi and Marcel came to the airport with us which will mean they won’t get back home until close to 10pm. We’ve suggested we say goodbye at Biel station 5 minutes away and where we get the Airport train, but Marcel bought Day tickets for the train today and wants to get the most use out of them! We had a coffee at the airport and then had a hasty goodbye - prolonged goodbyes end up in tears! I did shed a few anyhow, but they were rushing for a train which left in 2 minutes, or wait another hour, so it worked out well.

Zurich Airport is enormous and it took over an hour to get from one spot, through all the checks and on the train, to where we had to go. Finally sitting down having something to eat and now it’s just a waiting game till 10.20pm departure. I’m hoping to sleep well on the plane.

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