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Murten Castle


Day 32. Saturday. 14/9/2019. Ipsach to Murten (day trip)

Happy 28th Anniversary Sandie and Steve.

We caught the 11am train to Murten, a very old Swiss town beside Lake Murten which we loved. There were great views over the lake, Castle Murten built in 1255 and reconstructed in 1755, some remaining walls and some very old buildings. We walked up and down the main street where there were dozens of restaurants, small shops and old buildings, then found our way down to the water via some steps which took us through what seemed to us, peoples front and back yards, but obviously it was a public walkway. We had a late lunch at a lovely restaurant where Marcel and Trudi had eaten before, then walked up a steep hill to the town again. There were ‘antique’/second hand markets in the back street so we wandered through enjoying just looking. I saw a beautiful small white plate decorated in blue and gold which I loved, but walked away. I wish now I hadn’t. Oh well, I did buy a big, old key. Why? Who knows? There was a group singing Irish songs, and they sang in 3 languages. Most people are at least bi-lingual here, and many speak 4 languages. Murten is in the French part of Switzerland whereas Trudi & Marcel live in the German part, so French, German and Italian - because it is so close, are the 3 main languages, with English thrown in for good measure. Then there’s Swiss-German, which Trudi and Marcel speak! We walked past a part of the old wall and headed back to the station for the return journey. Home at 5.30 when I checked emails and fb, then had a nap for 30 minutes. Soup and fruit for dinner, followed by 5 Crowns.

When we got off the station at Murten, we were surrounded by cyclists. We later discovered that there was a Triathlon in the town, and later saw police at the zebra crossings making sure the cyclists had free throroughfare. On the train going home, we saw some of the runners, so it would have been a big day for them and a hot one, as it was 24 degrees with hardly a breeze.

It was another great day, with so many photos - how am I going to choose what to attach???

Well, that was easy. It only allowed 2 photos!!

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