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The water was like glass

Popular church in the vineyards

Yes....I’m doing it

Susan tying the boat up

The Alps in the background

Day 30. Thursday. 12/9/2019. Ipsach, Switzerland

What a day! Every day has been great, but some are exceptional, and today’s one of those! Trudi and Marcel told us they had a surprise which was that we were going on daughter Susan and Marcos’s boat to an island for lunch. We left about 10am to walk to the restaurant on the river to meet them. We met Susan on the way and it was lovely to see her again. Continued to the river where Marcos was with the boat which is moored on another lake some distance away but Marcos bought it around to Lake Biel yesterday afternoon and they slept on it for the night. We had coffee whilst waiting for Marcos to position the boat so that Marcel could just step onto it, as he doesn’t have good balance now and has a fear of rocking and the water. All aboard, me wearing my pressure bands and wondering what on earth I was doing, but fortunately, the water was like glass and I chose not to eat many nibbles. It is Susan and Marcos’ 27th wedding anniversary today, so we celebrated with a glass of champagne of which I had one sip and Ian quietly had the rest - I couldn’t be rude!! We sailed to the end of lake Biel, but the island where we were going to have lunch had no ‘mooring’ bays vacant, so it was decided that we’d continue on through a canal to the next lake. The water was like glass, the sun shining, no wind, not even a breeze, and the only time I felt a little ripple was when we passed another boat. After a couple of hours I was able to really relax and enjoy the scenery, which was spectacular. I nearly forgot that I even get sea sick! We could see the Alps in the distance with fresh snow on them, small villages, vineyards, forests - all while we were cruising along in a lovely boat in the most beautiful, clear green water. We stopped about 3pm and had a cold drink, and then Susan and Marcos went back to their boat where they’ll stay tonight. We caught the train back to Ipsach which was quite a slow journey with waiting for connecting trains, but again, the scenery was great and it wasn’t a boring trip. It was nearly 6pm when we got home, then Trudi in her usual fashion, whipped up a meal with very little help from me - she’s very quick and has most of it done before she can tell me what to do and half the time, she doesn’t know what she’s doing until it’s done. A great cook. Again, we sat out on the balcony for dinner, as she said they mightn’t have too many more opportunities with winter coming. We were all starving, as apart from the nibbles on the boat, there had been no food since breakfast, which was small because we were having lunch out!!!! Well, so we thought!

Cards after dinner with everyone feeling very tired, but after Ian won for only the second time since we arrived, we all decided that bed was calling.

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