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A long way up on the Fenicular

At the top - the Federal Office of Sports

Looking down at Ipsach

Time is everything in Switzerland....watch the seconds tick away

Biel has many watch factories

Day 29. Wednesday. 11/10/2019. Ipsach near Biel, Switzerland.

We both had the best nights sleep for a long time. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t up during the night for the loo, and then still awake and up at 6.30ish. It was 7.30 before I moved from the bed, then went back and slept till nearly 9! I said ‘oops’ (and sorry) to Trudi, who said she’d only just woken, so I didn’t feel so bad. A quick shower and then the lovely, leisurely breakfast that Marcel prepares of juice, fruit, cereal, yoghurt, cheese, cold meats, tomato, bread with tea or coffee. They always have a long, slow breakfast and then don’t eat until dinner at night. We don’t seem to have time to do that at home - there’s always something to do. It would be a good lesson to learn though.....life at a slower pace!

We caught the train to Biel, and walked 15-20 minutes to the Fenicular which took us up the mountain to an exceptional facility for sports, with a great infrastructure. If you are a professional or keen amateur, the Federal Office of Sport in Magglingen is a centre for training, seminars and education, and an ideal starting point for hiking tours. Two of Trudi and Marcel’s children trained there, Susan for synchronised swimming and Stephan for swimming, and Marcel coached there, all many years ago. The views of Lake Biel were lovely, and we could see the village where they live and even their house, even though it was just a blurry spot. We had a cold drink, and then made our way back to the Fenicular. Marcel would have liked to walk back down, and said ‘it’s all down’, but thankfully Trudi said it’s too much for us. As it was, when we reached the bottom, we walked all the way back to Ipsach - 9,200 steps! We were just about crawling the last few hundred metres - our feet were sore, my back was sore, Ian’s knee was sore. And Trudi said we had gone the wrong way and had to walk further than we should - because Marcel was wrong!!!!!!!! They did have a ‘friendly’ discussion at one point, and Marcel won!! It was nearly 2 hours solid walking with no water, and no respite. If I don’t lose weight from this, nothing will help. But I sure slept well last night, so maybe I will again tonight.

We had raclett for dinner which consisted of boiled potatoes, pineapple pieces, pickled cucumbers, bacon, onion and cheese! Each person has a small square dish in which you put your thick piece of cheese and then put it under a hot plate griller. On top of the griller, you cook your onion and bacon. Cut and season your potato, scrape the cooked cheese over and add the other hot food from the top plate plus pineapple and cucumber. Very delicious and all done at the table. We had beautiful ice-cream cake for dessert. Hmmm, maybe that will undo a little of the hard walk today.

Played cards until late, and we have a big day tomorrow.

Marcel’s internet won’t handle photo downloads, so will be attached some time in the future

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