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Down, down and down the steps!

The back side of Edinburgh Castle

Day 27. Monday. 9/9/2019. Edinburgh to Zurich

Woke to rain, but our room had double glazed windows and we didn’t hear a thing all night until I got up at 7am. I would love to have snuggled back in bed but went down and said goodbye to a few from the tour at breakfast, and also a chance to give Margaret a small gift and tip. We don’t have to check out until noon, so it was lovely to shower and relax, watch some tv, read the paper and do some puzzles. We checked out at noon and left our luggage and started our final walk up the Royal Mile - until we stopped by barriers and Security people. The film Fast and Furious #9 is being filmed there, so we had to go down some steps, turn left, and up some steps if we wanted to continue up to the Castle. Well, we walked down and down and down the steps - no way we were going to walk back up them, so we turned right and walked along an uphill street until we came back to the Mile from the way we came. We didn’t need to see the Castle again - it was only to fill in some time. Had lunch in a pub, then wandered back to the hotel where we sat in the lounge and filled in surveys from Travelmarvel and hotels we’ve stayed in. At least that’s out of the way, because we did have a few comments we wanted recorded, good and not so good. Ian rang and checked on our pick-up time, the next hour disappeared and then our driver was there. A lovely man, so very different from the one who picked us up at the airport, and we had an informative trip to the airport. We’ve checked in, had a hot drink and shared a sandwich, and time to find our departure gate and wait. We have books and puzzles, and I can maybe link to wifi and post todays journal.

Tomorrow - Zurich and a week with Trudi and Marcel.

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