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The Royal Mile

Peaceful march

Interesting busker

Day 18. Saturday. 31/8/19. Edinburgh

We left about 10.30am and wandered through Waverley Railway Station to the Royal Mile. It was swarming with tourists and buskers and although it closed a couple of days ago, there were still many signs advertising the Fringe Festival. It was quite cool, with a cold wind blowing up the Closes, but we were dressed for the cold. We watched a peaceful protest parade pass and walked until our feet were saying ‘no more’. Had some lunch then back to the hotel where I fiddled and finally got some photos attached to past journals. Amazing what having quick wifi can do! We went out for dinner, checking out a pub we passed, but it was so loud inside you couldn’t hear yourself think. Walked further down the hill and found a group of restaurants which gave us plenty of choice, but Ian chose the Witherspoon Pub, a chain we’ve eaten at many times over the years. Noisy, but not as bad as the first one. We found it interesting seeing all the young people out, some looking only about 13-14. Smoking is very much in vogue here, as it seems is drinking. Maybe because we don’t go out to the city at nighttime at home, we’re naive. I hear you chuckling Robbie!

We have walked for miles and miles, much more than we ever do at home, and I’m convinced that walking makes you put on weight!!!!!!!!

Traffic lights here go from red to yellow to green. I can remember when they were like that in Brisbane.

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