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The train we didn't miss



It’s Wednesday and we’ve made it to Paris. Before leaving London we walked through Hyde Park. It was very fun to see—it’s often referenced in the English mysteries I read and now I can picture it in my head!

We had some extra time to admire to Eurostar train station because we missed our train and had to wait about 4 hours for the next train...and pay a $50 fee each to change our tickets. It it’s a pretty fancy train station with upscale shops and a champaign bar, so there was plenty to see as we waited.

RATS! Barb and I slept through the Chunnel. We dozed off in England and woke up in France! We have a couple of new “words of wisdom” or philosophies to share: “A good day’s a good day, but a bad day makes a good story” which tells us that we may not always be on the correct Metro, and we may miss our train, or we may get lost but we don’t care! It’s a great adventure. And the other is a paraphrase of Stella (Street Car Named Desire) that we get along thanks to the kindness of others...never more true than when someone gives us help on the stairs with our heavy heavy suitcases. That’s Peggy and me, Barb packed wisely in a carryon and backpack and has hers all under control.

On to tomorrow’s adventures in Paris. ~ Lorraine

Well, train travel between London and Paris has definitely changed since the last time I took it. I thought we would arrive a half hour or so before we needed to leave and walk onto the train, but nooo. There is a line for security, the UK passport control, then French passport control. They close the line a half hour before the train leaves so of course we missed our train. On the plus side, the trains are very fast. I did not sleep through the chunnel but expected it to be more dramatic. It was just a tunnel like several more we went through, just longer.


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