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One last wander around the shopping area near Windsor

Queen Victoria looming large in front of Windsor Castle

Watching planes land at Heathrow

Internal view of the 400 year old Queen's Head in Cranford

External view of brother-in-law's tap house in Draycott

After enjoying our last full English breakfast at the cafe of a nearby aged care home (it was cheap at only 3 pounds) we headed for Windsor on our last full day in the UK.

You tend to forget how popular and crowded certain places can be and Windsor was certainly crowded with tourists. Parking was a nightmare.

As it isn't that far from Heathrow the planes go over about every minute. Hopefully the Queen has double glazing for when she stays at Windsor Castle which is her official home. She's currently at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on her summer holidays. Nice for some.

We spent our last night at the new and funky Moxy Hotel which at 44 pounds a night was the cheapest hotel we stayed at in the UK. It is about 2 miles from Terminal 4 where we are catching our Malaysian Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur.

We walked to the Queen's Head pub for dinner, a historic pub in Cranford, with a story dating back 400 years. Grae enjoyed his last real English ale for a while and I had a G&T.

Whilst the hotel has soundproofing on the windows it didn't have much internal soundproofing as whoever was in the room above decided to play music till about 1.00am. So I didn't get much sleep, Grae on the other hand slept right through till our alarm went off at 6.00am. We caught the hotel hopper bus and were at the airport with loads of time to spare. We went up to the Observation Deck to watch the planes land. It sure is a busy airport, hope all the traffic controllers had a good night's sleep and are bright eyed and busy tailed, unlike me who is a little sleep deprived.

Our flight took just under 13 hours and we both watched and enjoyed the last two Marvel Avenger movies. As there was some turbulance the meal services were suspended until we were in some calmer air. Mind you I'd forgotten that I'd ordered the Low Fat meals so mine came out early whereas Grae always had to wait quite a while for his regular meal.

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