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Today is a travel day back to South Korea. We slept in late and went down to the breakfast buffet about 8:15. We then returned to the room to finish packing and wait for our transfer to the airport at 10:45. We actually left 10:35 for what Yus said would be an hour ride. He asked us about our impression of his country and we said that it modern in many places, yet still holds onto its history. He said they are a young country, and indeed they are, but the people and the history date back centuries. We also said we enjoyed experiencing the food and culture.

We arrived at the airport at 11:20 and said our goodbyes to Yus. We then quickly did luggage, security (bags only), passport control. Next we had to take the monorail to the C gates. We arrived at our gate area about 11:45. This country does the wait outside the gate until security opens routine. Our gate opened about 1:20 and we passed through gate security where you do the belt off, empty you pockets, any computers drill. Once past security the Malaysian Airlines person scanned our boarding pass and checked our passport. Now we were inside at the gate waiting area until they began boarding the plane at 1:40.

We are on a Malaysian Airlines flight back to South Korea. It is a 5 1/2 hour flight, plus a one hour time change (remember Korea is 13 hours ahead. We had seats in economy plus, Jean had upgraded us before we left. So we had two seats by the bulkhead with plenty of leg room. We got a meal on the plane about 30 minutes into the flight. I had the fish with fried rice and Jean had the chicken with fried rice. It also came with a small salad and a roll.

I watched "The Hate You Give", an excellent movie about Black lives matte, and "Tolkien" which was very interesting about the author and I recommend if you haven't already, see it. After the movie I listened to classical music and caught up with the Star Ledger. Jean watched the end of "The Mule" which she started in our last flight, and also watched "Tolkien" and "Widows".

We had a quick snack of chocolate covered ice cream, boo if you're allergenic to chocolate. Then a sandwich was served almost immediately, which seems a little bass ackwards if you ask me. I had the salmon rice sandwich, which was rice shaped into a wedge with the salmon in the middle. Jean had a cheese and tomato sandwich on what they called a bagel.

We landed at 9:20 and by the time we taxied to the gate, waited through a long, long passport control line, and we didn't have to wait for our luggage because it was out already, and just handed the officer the customs declaration, and then find our transport driver it was 10:38. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

It was an hour plus drive into Seoul to the Grand Ambassador Seoul Hotel. We checked in about 11:50, and settled in for the night. It had been a long travel day. Tomorrow we are off on the train to our temple stay.

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