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The sun was in my eyes!!!!

Doug likes smooching pictures!

Bridge connecting island to mainland



Hurti Gruten goes under the bridge!




Our Certificates for crossing into the Arctic Circle


Roald Amundsen, explorer and arctic hunter

Another beautiful summer day!!!

Old Norwegian buildings

The last wooden boat

No one can believe that the sun is out!!

More Norwegian humor

Fish monger

Fish market

Stock fish=dried cod; heads go to Nigeria; most go to Italy and...

Beautiful fishing village

More people enjoying the beautiful weather

Church - represents ice berg, Sami hut, fish drying frames

Polar Museum

Roald again - went to South Pole; died trying to go to...

Life as an arctic hunter

Arctic hunters brought back white fox for their wives to wear -...

Arctic hunter's hut


Now that's a fur coat

Arold's boat

Arctic animals

Another view of the beautiful church

Memorializing the end of the darkness and celebrating the return of the...

Walking street

Movie theater - kino

View from center of town

Lots of trolls



We found the northern-most beer pub!

Beware of polar bears

Beer meister

Lots of choices

Other people have found the pub as well

We ordered the darkest beer; note map on glass


Children playing on unique playground

Back to the ship

WOW!! The sun is out today!!! 54 degrees!!!

Tromso is in the Arctic Region and often referred to as the gateway to the Arctic. From here iconic explorers such as Amundsen and Nansen started their epic journeys. The town is the largest in north Norway with 75000. Today, they have a great University that is focusing on native Sami culture. The Sami are the indigenous people of Scandinavia. Their hospital is the world leader in the study of hypothermia. It is also the town in Norway with the youngest average age. A lot of younger people from all over the world come and stay a while in Tromso due to the easy access to outdoor activities all year round. The last 10 years has seen a huge increase in winter tourism due to smart marketing of the Northern Lights. We won't see the Northern Lights since it doesn't get dark in the summer. They are always there; you just can't see them until it gets dark.

We visited the Polar Museum right by the wharf. You'll see in the pictures some of the history of arctic hunting.

And then we went to the well-known Ohallen Beer Hall. It is the beer pub that is the farthest north in the world. It is a microbrewery with a wide selection of beers. One of our fellow travellers is an official beer taster and she helped us out.

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