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One of Bergen's many churches

Used to be a fire station, now a restaurant

Junior boater

Fish Museum and Education Center


Viking ship


Original fishing boat

Original whale killing harpoon

Close up of harpoon

Traditional Norwegian fiddle, player and his daughter

Singing, she was very shy

Bergenhus Castle

Bergenhus Castle

Bergenhus Castle

Rosencrantz Tower

Russian yacht

Looking up at the mountain top where we were yesterday! Good thing...

Is this San Francisco?

Today we woke up to the rain they have been promising. It's not cold, 59 degrees; just drizzly.

We discussed the controversial topic of whaling and seal hunting. The harsh conditions of the Arctic once demanded these hunts as a source of food, and over the centuries, both industries became an integral part of Norway's economy as well as culture. As time marched on, however, these practices fell under scrutiny--so much so that the seal hunting culture has all but disappeared with the rare exception of indigenous tribes. And while Norway presently remains one of three countries left on Earth that still hunts whales, a decrease in local demand may put an end to that as well.

We had lunch at the Museum--salmon of course. They eat a lot of salmon. And we had the famous Norwegian Cinnamon Roll. We savored it because in another week, we will be eating the famous Swedish Cinnamon Roll, and we will have decide which is best! This is an ongoing friendly competition between the two countries.

Tomorrow we finally get on the ship!! (Not two more days like I said yesterday).

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