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Vesuvius looming in the background

The Forum - ancient Pompeii main piazza

Another view of the Forum




Casa dei Vettii or Biggus Dickus

Beautiful frescoes from an ancient world adorn the walls of a villa

More beautiful frescos

Wonderfully preserved mosaic floors - obviously a dog lover



One of the many streets in ancient Pompei

Our accommodation is within walking distance of Pompeii, so after our Italian breakfast of chocolate filled croissant, yoghurt, and little square toasts with jam washed down by strong coffee for me and tea for Grae we set off for the ruins.

The site is huge and while there were lots of tourists we were all spread out. It was only at a few of the more popular sites that we had to queue briefly - really only the brothel with its erotic frescoes, basically a list of what was on offer. There are lots of drinking taps scattered throughout so we kept filling up our water bottles as it was very hot. Some of the men poured the water over their heads to cool down.

Which makes for an interesting segway to the fact that 2000 men, women and children perished at Pompeii under layers of burning pumice stone. Today Pompeii was an amazing experience for us as we walked down its many streets and imagined the lives of the people worshipping at the various temples, selling wine at the taverns, visiting the brothel (Lupanare), watching gladiatorial fights at the forum and later at the amphitheatre, sending their servants to the Macellum to buy produce or just relaxing at the local baths (Terme). Pretty much what we do now except without the servants and slaves!

For dinner we found a very popular local and cheap pizzeria, where I can't even understand a word due to their dialect. We had two pizzas and a bottle of wine for 10 Euros, the wine was 2 Euros. They set up a sound system on both the Thursday and Friday nights and it was loud!

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