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Dragor, fishing village


Thatched roof in Dragor

Peeking in someone's inner courtyard in Dragor


Another decoration in Dragor

Hollyhocks!! I grew up with these in Dugway, Utah

The fishing village has turned into a sailing village

The liquor store, see the bottle hanging over the door

Beverly. Where's the ice cream?

Here's Dragor!

The Ferry

Monday - Weather is beautiful again. Apparently this is very unusual but we are loving it!

Since we're not leaving for Norway until later this afternoon, we took a local bus out to a fishing village on the coast. It is always fun to watch the countryside change from busy city to suburbs to country-side to coast. We walked around the picturesque village taking pictures and enjoying the peace and quiet. We're having a big dinner tonight so we wanted to eat a light lunch. We found the perfect place - the local ice cream parlor. Our Swedish guide, Mona, told us that the Scandinavian's love ice cream! We assured her that everyone in the world loves ice cream.

I forgot to tell you about the recycling plant in Copenhagen. You saw the picture. It is the largest recycling plant in Western Europe. In fact, it's so big that they have to import trash to keep the plant running. They use the energy produced for themselves and of course sell it to their neighbors. The plant is so tall that it's the highest point in the whole of the very flat country. It is so high that they even built a ski run on the roof!

We departed our lovely hotel at 4 pm. Got on a bus for a very short ride to the port, where we got on the ferry boat.

It will take us to Oslo, Norway. None of us could find the ferry boat; all we could see was this huge cruise liner. Well, that was our ferry boat!!! It carries 1852 passengers, 320 cars, has 702 cabins, beautiful dining room with wonderful buffet for both dinner and breakfast, jacuzzi, spa, shops, etc. Couldn't believe how huge it was. So we had a wonderful buffet dinner, walked around the decks, then to a comfy bed to sleep the night away!!! Awoke to a wonderful breakfast buffet; got on a bus to our hotel in Oslo!! Here the weather is more like we expected. A little overcast, cool, light rain.

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