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Kastellet Park. Gefion Fountain.

This is the Anglican Church next to the fountain. It is made...

One of the many canals.

Another picture of the fountain and the church.


Another beautiful statue.

The Little Mermaid.

A monument commemorating World War I and the sailors who died for...

One of the kings of Denmark.

The military guards standing guard at the palace of the Queen Margaret.

Changing of the guard at the palace of the Queen

Changing of the Guard.

One of the many royal palaces. This one is occupied by the...

There are four palaces around this square. The Queen lives in one;...

A statue of another King in the center of the square.

The marble Church behind the square.

Beverly found her Danish ancestor.

This is where we got our Indian lamb curry for lunch!

We're taking a boat trip around the canals and waterways around and...

Today is Saturday! The weather is beautiful! Tourists and locals are out...

We travel under many bridges where we have to duck our heads....

The new Opera House.

Typical warehouses.

This is one of largest recycling plants in Europe.

Boys having fun on the water.

This is a cruise ship where you learn how to sail and...

An old submarine from the Cold War.

A new ship in the modern Danish Navy.

The Queen's yacht.

Church on the old military battery guarding Copenhagen.

The old military battery.

House boats where people live full time.

Some of the many cruise visiting Copenhagen.

The Little Mermaid from the water and her many admirers.

The two white buildings are where the royal family awaits their yacht.

The Maestro Shipping Company Headquarters. The building is shaped like its stacked...

A small private yacht.

A large private yacht.

The marble church from the water.

People enjoying the beach. Wait, there is no beach. Just bring your...

The Kissing Bridge. The only bridge that opens to let large ships...

Park your sailboat here.

The guide on the boat. Spoke English, Danish, German.

Church with the spiral staircase. You can climb all 400 steps!

Lunch dockside.

You can kayak on the water.

The Diamond Building. When the morning sun hits it, it sparkles like...

The old King's Bridge

Nice face.

Spire over the Parliament Building

Now here's some dedicated sun bathers

The new Theater

A box bicycle. You can put your kids or pets or groceries...

Typical Danish architecture

More typical buildings and people.

Can you find the narrowest building in the city?

Doug standing next to the world's tallest man. See next picture for...

The Worlds' Tallest Man

Ah, our second day. The weather is beautiful again, in the 60's and the sun is shining.

We start our day at the breakfast buffet provided by the Phoenix Hotel. Oh I forgot to tell you, we left Phoenix and arrived in Phoenix! Eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes, cereals, fruit, yogurt, wonderful looking homemade breads, croissants, pastries!!!

We meet in the lobby at 8:30 am. We introduced ourselves to all of our new travelling companions; 15 total. Looks like it will be a good group.

We get on a bus and take a tour of the city. The photos will show you where we went.

The photo of the Gefion Fountain requires some explanation. The Fountain illustrates the myth of the goddess who was given one night to carve a hunk out of Sweden to make into Denmark's main island. Gefion transformed her four sons into oxen to do the job, and the chunk she removed from Sweden is almost the same size as Sweden's largest lake!

The Little Mermaid was a gift to the city of Copenhagen in 1909 from brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen. It was inspired by a ballet performance of Hans Christian Andersen's story. The statue sat unappreciated for 40 years until Danny Kaye sang "Wonderful Copenhagen" in the movie "Hans Christian Andersen. The tourist board decided to use the mermaid as a marketing symbol for the city.

We got back to the hotel for lunch on our own. We went back to the food court and shared a big serving of Indian lamb curry. Wonderful!!

In the afternoon, we took a boat tour of the canals around and through the city. Being on the water is always cool so we wore our jackets. Again, the photos will show you what we saw.

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy similar to Great Britain. The Queen is a figure head. Queen Margaret's first son, Frederick, will become King on her death.

This evening Mona took us to dinner at a nice Danish restaurant where we had a salmon salad, flank steak and coffee ice cream. Very nice. We didn't think it was too Danish, but it was nice.

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