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Doug and Beverly are off on another adventure in Western Europe. When we traveled the countries around the Baltic Sea a few years ago, we felt rushed as we saw 7 countries in 14 days. What a rookie mistake! So we are back to do it right. Just 4 countries in 24 days.

So we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark on Thursday June 20, 2019 at about 4:30 pm. We got a brief orientation of old city Copenhagen by our trip leader Mona. The weather is great, in the 60's; and there are lots of blondes (except for the immigrants of course). Ah, good to be back to my roots. My DNA tests show that my ancestors came from Denmark and Sweden (and Scotland too, but that's another trip). We then found a food court for a quick meal before we collapsed from exhaustion; time change and all. Couldn't believe our eyes (or noses and taste buds)!! There was a duck concession just selling shredded duck in a big paper cone. Oh, it tasted so good!!

So we made it till 8 o'clock pm; collapsed in a very comfortable bed and slept till 6:30 am. Rested and ready to start our second day.

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