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A barge passing us in LA harbor.

From our balcony we could count 28 ship loading cranes.

Evening #13

Our flight home.

We started into LA harbor at 5:00 AM. It was 2 hours later when we docked. The place is amazing and large. Once we docked, on just our side of the ship from our balcony we counted 28 ship loading cranes.

For getting off the ship, we were given colored tags for our time to go to the gate. Well we done what we were suppose to do, but I do not think everyone else did. It was a long waiting line. After a long cattle ramp, we got through customs and then sent to a room to look for your luggage. They had color coated tags but were not put in different groups. We finally got ours and met some of our group outside. We were going to wait on the rest of the group, but they just made get on the buses for the airport.

We all made it to the airport and on our flight.

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