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Anchoring in Cabo San Lucas.

Tenders headed for shore.

Leaving Cabo.

I think the Mexicans know about the wall.

They had these amazing ckes around the ship.

Another one.

Evening #12.

The restaurant we ate at.

It was not busy.

A subdivision on our walk back to the ship.

An interesting round about.

Just one of the few cheap boats in the marina.

More boats.

Thats our ship out there.

This picture was for our son John.

Sunset from our bacony as we lrave Cabo.

Evening #11

We rode one of the Tenders from the ship to shore, which was a first time for us. When you get off the tender, it is just like every other dock, you walk through all the shops. We walked through and decided to walk downtown. There were many three wheel bicycle taxi's trying to get us to use them. We walked a little ways and decided for time we would take a ride. They got cheaper away from the dock.

We strolled around the downtown area and pick a restaurant. It was very good, and we drank beer not water. We then walked around some more and pick out one of many pharmacy's to patronize. Bought some drugs and headed for the ship. We walked all the way back, noticing that Cabo is much more Americanized then the other ports we have been in. There were a lot of very expensive boats/yachts in the marina.

Back at the dock we met some of our fellow travelers and sat and had a beer with them. Then back on the Tender for a ride back to the ship. The water was a little rougher on the return and made getting on the ship a little more interesting.

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