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Coming into Acapulco.

The downtown area.

The rural neighborhood.

Muster for the police dept at the dock..

A truck load of police with automatic weapons going out.

This was the building with shops you had to go through on...

The guards at the entrance to the shops.

This took a while.

One of about 7 groups parading in the street and playing music.

Another one, some kind of holiday.

The walk along the harbor from the ship.

The walk along the harbor.

Astreet in old town Acapulco that we walk down.

The hotel area.

The beachs.

Evening #10

We spent a lot of time on the ship watching what was going on right at the dock. The tower you see in the pictures is a police station. It looked like organized confusion during muster(army term). They finally got a formation, and they all disappeared, some in uniform and some in fatigues. All the ones in fatigues had automatic weapons and left in the back of trucks. The uniforms mostly got in cars or walked away. It made us worry about getting off.

Also for our entertainment was about 6 or 7 groups of people walking in the street playing drums and horns, with large banners in the lead of each group. Another reason not to get off. But we figured out it was some kind of religious holiday.

Over half the people on the ship got off, so we decided to join them. When you get off the ship, you have to pass through this building with armed guards. Not very exciting. But, it is a bunch of shops with souvenirs. Once outside everybody has a good deal on a taxi downtown. We opted for walking along the harbor. It was hot and humid and were considering a cab when one of many locals wanted to be our guide. We talked to one and he said he would show us a shopping center close by. Well we walked through a couple of questionable streets under construction and arrived at what is called old town Acapulco. There were lots of shops and I believe they were all owned by our guides relatives. No AC, but they offered water bottles or Coronas and they kept moving the fans around for us. It was fun and I had a Corona. Diana bought some jewelry and the guide walked us all the way back to the ship. We gave him a nice tip.

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