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Two volcanos.

Another volcano.

We are in the land of many volcanos.

A closer look.

We are entering the area of the last eruption.

Part of a house in its path.

New retaining wall from the flow.

Life goes on.

You can see the path on the moutain behind.

The path right up to the bridge it took out.


Farming up the road.

Coffee fields along the road.

Better view.

A village in the mountains.

Entrance to a coffee plantation.

Ineormation in the entrance mueseum.

Old equipment they no longerv use.

Coffee beans.

Just a tropical flower.

Drying beans.

Sign explains.

Tourist walking through the drying patios.

Going back into the village for lunch.

Downtown of the Mountain village.

A crumbling church in town.

A front view with a tourist shopping in front of the church.

Couple of locals.

A local church with a monastary connected.


A wedding taking place.

The ceiling.

Inside the vacated monastary.

Large fountain in the square.

Props for a holiday celebration.

The courtyard.

The secound floor of the Monastary.

Looking over the village from the second floor.

Shopping in the village.

John and linda looking for phone service.

Used to be a home right here.

Evening #9.

Our travel agent booked us on a coffee plantation tour in the Guatemala. So when we got off the boat, there was no bus to pick us up. Seems that another cruise ship took out the cruise dock, so we were at a commercial dock which private tour buses were not allowed. We were told to ride a local bus to the cruise dock. Well we all made it on different vehicles and walk through the shopping areas at the cruise dock, but no bus to meet us. Again Oralia Keeme who speaks Spanish and saved us at the airport in Miami got the info we needed. Our tour guide got to the entrance after us and was wondering where we all were. But all worked out and we were on our way.

We drove up into the mountains to an area of Many volcanos. I guess that's where the coffee grows. After taking pictures of them all, we came upon an area of the most recent eruption. It is hard to believe people live with this treat. They were rebuilding the road as we drove through.

We made it to the plantation. They had a museum at the entrance, so they could show the process and the old equipment they use to use. The berry you see on the bush actually contains the two coffee beans. They walked us through the drying patios and then inside to see the roasting and process machines. They actually get beans that get roasted to much and are separated and make a cocoa with it. We bought a bag of each.

We passed a village on the way in and went back in for a local lunch at a busy restaurant. It was all the local fare dipped out of large crocks and quite interesting to say the least. They did have Coronas though. Then a little local sopping on the streets and back on the bus. Locals follow you on the bus trying to sell you there stuff.

Then it was back to the ship.

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