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Cruising along the lake Gatun.

One of our many Tug Boat escorts. through.

One of the places excavation was required.

A new bridge, one of the few across the canal.

Going through the Pedro Miguel set of lowering locks.

More of the Pedro Miguel lowering locks,other side looking ahead.

Again, other side looking back.

Going out.

Going through the Miraflores set of lowering locks

Panama Imigration building.

Imigration building, there were hundreds of people waving and hollering.

EMT'S removing a passenger.

The maintenance yard?

More maintenance yard, the other side.

Pan American Highway Bridge and Panama City ahead.

The other water way over is the new wider canal.

Panama City over the top of the hills.

Tug Boat Parking.

Another escort.

Getting close to Panama City docks.

Pan American Highway Bridge

Pan American Highway Bridge closeup.

Panama City.

Panama City docks.

Panama City.

Evening #5.

After cruising through Gatun Lake we entered the first lowering locks, which is named the Pedro Miguel Locks, and should be called lock, because it is only 1 lock. It then becomes a small lake for a short period before entering 2 more locks, named the Miraflores Locks.

Coming through the locks we were able to see Panama City and the port up ahead. We also passed the Panama Immigration Building. It had all of its balconies covered with people waving and hollering at us and visa versa. We went under the Pan American Bridge which was the only way across the canal for years.

Then we past by the loading docks and the city out into the Pacific. WE past a few islands on the way, one of which belong to John Wayne and his Panamanian wife at one time. It is now owned by a resort with a hotel built on it.

The other thing that we watch the crew of at least 19 get off the ship on to a Tug Boat once we were out in the bay. This crew gets on before entering the canal and takes it all the way through. They do not let the ship crew do the driving.

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