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Evening #4.

The gulf entrance to the canal.

Getting ready to go in.

We are next.

Coming out the other side.

Closer look at the deck.

Looks like a moving refinerery.

The command center.

One of the trains that move and guide the ships,

The way back into the original french try at the canal.

Empty lock with a reyractable bridge for cross traffic.

Next, they do not stay empty long.

One of the gates.

Travel with thier own Vortex.

I thought the other one looked complex, Wow.

Two of the guide trains. I guess the ship powers itself.

Hard to get in front.

Next gate.

Coming out of the last lift lock.

Ship coming out of the new bigger locks.

The major part of the Panama Canal.

A very large lake across the Isthmus, 25 meters above sea level.

The Dam that creates the lake.

Ships waiting their turn out to the gulf.

We woke up at 5:00 to do my 4 laps around the ship. I was there in time to see us approaching the entrance to the canal. We got to see the start of the old French attempt at the canal.

After a quick breakfast, we return to the deck for pictures and watch the whole operation. We were given info to follow along with what was going on. It was fascinating.

When we finished the three lift locks, we were 26 meters above sea level on Lake Gatun. Info says there was a river valley that crossed Panama that was dammed up and created this very large lake. The locks are flooded by gravity release from the lake, and then from lock to lock. You would think they would run out of water, but no, during the rainy season they have to release additional water to lower the lake.

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