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Hi all…Mike here…I know….I know….a blog entry two days in a row. Guess we are on a roll.

Today Emily and I finally had a day off together from Fort Verde. Never thought retirement would be sooooooo busy…especially with NO PAY!!!! Sorry…didn’t mean to shout there.

Emily and I decided that our time here near Sedona was short; so we should at least do the last two things we had wanted to do. One, believe it or not, was to take a trolley tour of down-town Sedona. Well…it was very informative, but we had decided that we could have provided a “Bliss Red Jeep Tour” just as well. I guess I shouldn’t complain as you always learn some interesting details on those trolley tours.

The second was to visit a remote Indian (not sure what the politically correct term is any more. Today we heard both terms Native American and then indigenous people. Sorry….as liberal as I am, I am still going to call them Indian) ruins. Following the previously mentioned highly advertised and publicized trolley tour, we ventured out on our own to check out Palatki Ruins. (poor Emily…about another 20 miles of Jeep road). Emily and I especially like these small, out-of-the-way places missed by the masses. There are literally hundreds of these ruins/sights here in central Arizona. Hidden and largely unknown gems. There were 4 of us on the tour. Two girls from Slovakia, (that's right...not Chicago...not LA...Slovakia!!!!) Emily and me. No crowds here!!!! I guess I should comment on the pictures in today’s blog. It is very, very difficult to convey the beauty and the special feelings from experiencing things that were “every-day” to the people that lived their “every-day” life a thousand years ago. My pictures today probably do not show you the true details you deserve. These ruins were NOT the big, big attractions such as Mesa Verde; they are the homes of only a family or a few families living together for years and years. This is just so profound to me. Please take a minute and try to put yourselves in the lives of these people that got up in the morning, took care of their families, hunted, struggled to raise crops and just lived their lives together in their small community. I know it may sound corny, but I am just awed by the opportunity to take a few minutes to get a short, short glimpse of their lives. I hope you can as well.

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