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I know 2 people with this last name

an apt complex

our first cobblestone street

mural on wall below the Valhof chapel and park

spook house and artists' temp residence

not a trip for non-walkers

medieval chapel

castle remains

from the other side - from 1155

pair of ducks on a ledge watching us

spook house from above

a Nijmegan street

pole in center of street goes down on green light


glimpse of cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral

entrance on the side

one side of piazza by the church

ready to exit the piazza

I Love Me!

ornate restaurant

the devil plays a thumb harmonica to statue every day

blue hand cafe

workers in bldg came our with blue hands every day

lots of fruits & veggies

clothes too!

kids like this ?!

I like this!

city side of wall outside Valhof

chapel is open!



model of old castle

view of hot air balloons out our dinner window

After a leisurely breakfast, we were taken on a walking tour in the oldest city in the Netherlands. We are cruising on the Rhine but the city is nearby on the Waal River. We went up a hill to the Valkhof spook house, chapel, and remnants of the Imperial castle. The spook house is really a museum and temporary home of artists who claim the house is haunted.

On up we went to the town center to see the great St. Stephen's Church and then to the main shopping district where an outdoor market was set up for the day. I wandered off and found the back entrance (city entrance) to Volkhof Park and found that the chapel was open for viewing!

We were back before 1, had lunch. Then a leisurely afternoon while on our way to Cologne. Britta, our Cruise Director, gives talks while sailing about the area we went through, the river, the canals and locks, etc. Danielle is our Activity Director and he is a hoot! He has lots of games and stuff after dinner and before Albert plays music for dancing. He also helps with the tours and got to know everyone by name within a few days!

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