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Leighton Buzzard 1

Leighton Buzzard 2

Breath in

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes 2

Shopping Centre

World Diesel day

A couple of pics from Leieghton Buzzard. We seem to have been flat out since leaving there.

They like setting challenges for wide beams on this canal!! The charter company had boats 3 abreast outside their marina and it made it a bit tricky to get through. Of course they are getting ready for this long weekend and the summer season and school holidays have begun.

Tony spotted this deer running across the field - can you see it??

This is quite a spread out town with a very big green area which is quite lovely.

There is an art trail with sculptures every now and then. We haven't had time to walk that trail yet.

We ended up at the shopping centre which is open and airy with this lovely row of trees down the centre of the entrace walk.

As we were returning to the boat we passed a cricket ground all set up with screens at either end so Tony decided maybe they were playing a night game - then realised there weren't any lights - then had a brain wave and said "well it stays light till it gets dark here!!!!!!!" and I knew exactly what he meant!!!!! Hahahahahahaha.

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