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Pitstone church 1

Pitstone church 2

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Tree with mildew


The fuel barge came around this morning. They do a run from Milton Keynes down the canal and you just book for when they are in your area.

So we loaded up with diesel at a very good price and then proceeded through the lock and to the water point to fill up with water.

We decided after 4 locks to stop as it was 1 PM and do some more exploring. We're at a place called Great Seabrook, between Pitstone and Cheddington.

through a lovely wooded walkway and into Pitstone to see the 13th century church.

Not the most impressive church we've seen but it has some old articles in it.

On the way we passed a new housing estate and Tony decided we should go in and compare houses and prices to Australian houses. No comparison really - prices are unbelievable.

We took a brochure to take back next visit.

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