Our trip to Valnius travel blog

Three Crowns Hotel breakfast room


Alley used to get to room in Three Crowns Hotel

Painted old stone wall along hall to room

Entrance to Three Crowns Hotel

Parnu Beach



High school in Parnu, Estonia


Parnu, main street





Lutheran Church in Parnu

Beautiful drive through countryside on way to Sigulda

Lativan Flags

Entrance to Russian Bunker













Hollowed out rocks used for storage by old paper mill.



Old paper mill

Primitive ferry still in use

Delicious rye bread with flavorful fish soup

Very well seasoned salmon kabobs

Unique tea bags

Glazed bananas with icecream

Herbs being dried for this restaurant

Restaurant where we enjoyed this meal in Bucefals in Riga Region

We went south out of Tallinn after breakfast, Tuesday. We were headed to Sigulda and the Gauja National Park. Out first stop was at Parnu, a small city on the Estonian Coast. There was a beach that appeared very popular in the summer. The homes are nice with big yards and flowering trees. The business section was dated. Most building were wood with faded or peeling paint, but the stores were busy.

We then stopped at Ligatne Rehabilitation Center, which we found out was a front for a Russian bunker built during the cold war (the 70’s). It was out in the country, away from anything important and was touted as a vacation resort for top leaders. “Who would ever suspect the Russians were building an underground bunker.” It was BIG with over a hundred rooms and well equipped to be used to communicate with all the Russian troops and officials in Latvia in case the area was bombed. It was built, not by Latvians, but by workers from other areas so no one near would suspect what was being done. We then visited more of the park before going on to our hotel and a good dinner.

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