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Wall near Colosseum


Trevi Fountain

Battled crowds to get a front row view

If you think a shoe box bedroom is small, try having a shower in their en-suite! Great fun!

Our room in Budapest overlooked a beautiful garden, here we see only row upon row of window shutters - of different colours and styles. Last night we could leave the windows open - beautiful breeze, not noisy as expected, and the seagulls singing in the early morn.

Set off to the Colosseum. It is massive and imposing. Completed in year 80 AD, it is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. We were overawed at its size. There were thousands and thousands of people there, but special being part of it.

Where is it!! - no signage anywhere, but quickly learnt to follow the crowds....

to the Trevi Fountain, aided by a lovely family from New Zealand. This Baroque fountain was completed in 1762. It is one of the most famous fountains in the world and I think everyone in the world came to see it today.

Everywhere tourists go in the city, we are accosted by Africans or Pakistanis selling their wares. One was from Kenya, and when we spoke in Swahili, he was so thrilled, he gave us each an African bracelet, and ones for our daughters.

Tonight, ate Italian Pizza and Italian coffee at a nearby shop. Super - although the spoon could stand up in the coffee! Rome has not been one of our favourite cities. So excited to be heading to Venice by train early in the morning.

Aravadeci Roma.

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