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Roman wall




Depart Budapest.

“Das Lat” - phonetic for “good bye” to Budapest. There is Turkish and German influences in their language. 16 million people worldwide speak Hungarian - the language has 180,000 words, he said English has only 80,000. Sometimes, when it is difficult to express themselves in Hungarian, they turn to English, as it is easier. Our car driver was once a High School teacher and so knowledgeable on Hungarian facts which he was keen to discuss with us. We learnt such a lot.

We received 3 separate emails from the Airline over the last week, offering an upgrade on our flight and to make an offer. The. day before the flight, David made a ridiculously low offer, and it was accepted! So thankful, as the airport was crowded. Budapest has 25% of the worlds population of Jews largest in Europe. There has been a Jewish “convention” in the city and Rabbi had come from all over the world, with their wives.

Arrived Rome! Our driver acted as tour guide, and was so helpful. He said “ I love my city”. “ Look in front. There’s the Colosseum!” Thrilling!

In our Hotel room, there was a bowl of fruit, a bottle of wine and a large sign, “Happy Birthday, Miss Kelly”. We unpacked in our “shoe box”room.

Rome is not what we expected - not as chaotic. Made immediate use of our Hop on bus. So exciting to see all the ruins on route, many centuries old. It was peak hour, and we probably saw Rome at its busiest. So exciting, as we had front row seats on the double decker bus. How absolutely thrilling to be here.

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