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Buda Castle

Part of lovely Theatre

Jewish Shoes


We don’t know why, but today we “hit a brick wall”. So slow to get going - but it has been non stop for 14 days.

After a late brekky, Heather continued her Hungarian language “lesson” with the Hotel Receptionist, who has been most obliging. Locals do appreciate it when we make an attempt to speak some of their language.

Walked our local attractions, including the Palace precinct and Cathedral.

Coffee in a quaint coffee shop, just near the WW ll “Hospital in the Rock”.

Coffee revived us a little more, then decided to go back to Hotel for an afternoon nap.

At 5 pm, feeling more revived, caught bus down to the river, back to our friendly little Restaurant. Greeted like long lost friends!

Walked along Danube to “Shoes on the Bank”. It’s a memorial created on the east bank of the Danube River to honour the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II. So emotional.

At night, we had booked tickets to a Traditional Folk Concert, and it was absolutely marvellous. Scenery, costumes, and lighting in this old theatre was great. The 12 (6 men & 6 ladies) dancers were superb. The band consisted of 2 violins, 1 Viola, a Double Bass, ancient style Marimba, and a wind player on either a recorder style instrument, clarinet, or bagpipes - with only one “pipe”. They played the whole concert of 2 1/2 hours with no music.

Back at our Hotel we tried some of the dance movements - try this one at home - jump high in the air - like in the Toyota ad, at the same time trying to get your feet to hit your back, then hit your thighs with each hand, in time with the music, while still smiling and making it look e-a-s-y. You’ll be shocked to learn we couldn’t do It! Maybe a little more practice needed!

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