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When Tom and I married we never dreamed that we would live in Sandusky, Ohio for 10 years. We had three children and met some pretty wonderful people while we were there. I just visited one of them in Knoxville. Don't know what I would have done without Kate in Sandusky. I drove to the "old neighborhood" today and remembered how much Kate, Rick, Tom and I did together in those 2 houses across the street from one another.

Drove further into town ( which I hardly recognized after all these years.) Cedar Point Amusement Park is the big attraction here and the town has blown up and out since I left in 1977. The big industries have closed or down sized, the hotel and restaurant business has taken over the main road and I felt LOST!

The purpose for my stop in Sandusky was to pay my respects to a very dear friend who passed away. I met Carol when Spencer was 6 months old and stayed closely in touch with her for 50 years. She and her husband retired to Florida way before Tom and I started RVing.

When I saw both her name and her husband's on the marble wall of the mausoleum the flood gates opened. I guess some of that was because my visit came on the heels of my sister's death. Heard from all of my boys after I told them where I was and we reminisced about the fun times with Aunt Carol and Uncle Larry who visited us monthly when we moved to Michigan.

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