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So confident today, we felt like a local.

Headed straight to Central Train Station for trip to Helsingør, Nord Sealand, about 40 minutes north of Copenhagen. A very quaint village by the sea - the closet point to Sweden - 4 kms across the passage. 

Train driver delayed the train for passenger who asked him to wait while he ran back several carriages for his bag he’d left on train. 

Beautiful scenery through forest, and many chestnut trees in flower. 

*Walked to Kronborg Castle, high on the coast edge, with a large moat around it, dating back to 16th Century. In Castle saw queens single bed chamber - wealthier people could afford to sleep one to a bed, but poorer families shared bed for warmth.

*Next, the underground Maritime Museum, built into the old dock area.

*Picnic lunch in local park and strolled the lovely shopping precinct.

*Lost track of time, and had to run - ok, fast walk - for train back to Copenhagen.

*Back in Copenhagen, walked to Riddley’s “Believe it or not” - a great display - many fascinating surprises.

*Next saw a visual display and diaromas of Hans Christian Anderson’s story. Very well presented.

*Went back to place selling the BEST Pizzas - and had free toilets, so ate dinner in their courtyard overlooking gardens in Tivoli.

What a wonderful day.

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