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First thing this morning I was at McKay's Bookstore to stock up on used books for summer reading. The prices ranged from 25 cents to 3 dollars. The store is huge and very well laid out. This place is a must stop whenever I am in Knoxville.

After I put my treasures in the car ( miraculously they fit - my car is loaded as usual) I drove to Kate's house for a visit. We went to lunch and talked and talked. I met Kate over 40 years ago - hard to believe! I am so grateful that friends are receptive to my " I'm coming your way" phone calls.

The drive on I40W in North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous. The mountains are a lush green color with lilac and dogwood trees starting to pop along the roadside. The speed was drastically reduced when the road had sharp curves and tunnels through the mountains but that was okay. I enjoyed the ride. That is until I hit BURKE COUNTY -(ironic isn't it?) Road conditions were pretty rough because of all the patch jobs. As soon as I crossed into the next county we were back to wonderful roads.

All new territory from here until Ohio. I'm excited to explore the Outer Banks up to Virginia Beach.

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