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In 2015, on our camping trip to Alaska, we stayed along side of a lovely couple from Germany with whom we shared a campfire. We vowed to keep in touch and....we did through emails and my trip journal. Today, Beate and Helmut drove the four hours from their home in Dottenhausen, Germany to meet our ship in Regensburg. And it actually worked out! The stars aligned, they found our ship and we spent an enjoyable day eating, drinking and walking about Regensburg, another beautiful medieval town. The cathedral was your typical gothic one decorated top to bottom with sculptures, gargoyles , paintings and the obligatory relic of some saint or another. I think we are finally at the ABC in our trip or, in the immortal words of our Aussie friend, "Another Bloody Church". Still the grandeur of these churches, their importance in the spiritual and secular lives of the early and recent residents cannot be overstated.

Regensburg is an old Roman-built town along the Danube River. Pastel-colored homes and buildings bear the marks of the high water from floods throughout the ages including some as early as the 1300's. Obviously, the Danube gave life to these early towns through the trading done along the river and also took from the towns when it overflowed its banks.

We had a typical German lunch in one of the oldest restaurant/brewery in Regensburg, recommended by a friend of Beate's. I had the pork and sauerkraut which was amazing and Bob had a version of wiener schnitzel with hot potato salad. We also drank the beer brewed inside the restaurant; a wheat beer, cloudy in color, but wonderful in taste. Later, we strolled across the sixteen arched stone bridge to the other side of the Danube for "apfel strudel" with a vanilla sauce that was divine.

Then, we returned to the ship while Beate and Helmut stayed for the night in Regensburg. It was so good to see our friends and the time with them was such a gift.

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