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Hiking Map

Ruins 1

Ruins 2

Ruins 3 Red are pot shards

Ruins 4 from the road

Ruins 5 flowers

Copper 1 flowers

Copper 2

Copper 3

Copper 4 stream and pool

Copper 5 a "cool dog"

Hello all,

Although we have not moved the RV, the Jeep has been rolling and we sure have been putting the miles on visiting many sights in central AZ. We had been visited by friends Rose & Sam Jackling, as well as a second visit from Jocelyn and Barney. On the list while they were here was Sedona, Cottonwood’s Tuzigoot NP, Jerome, and Prescott. Closer to Camp Verde we all visited Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well. Busy, busy…worky bee.

We are alone now again for a while and Joey is able to get most of his 20 hours of sleep per day. Poor baby!!! We are really enjoying our volunteer role at Ft. Verde State Park. The history of the “Indian Wars” is very interesting and very humbling. We are trying to put together a narrative and pictures of what we do here at Ft. Verde, so some time in the near future it will be a blog entry of it’s own.

In the meantime; we have had a couple of days off and we decided to get some hiking in. Last Wednesday we climbed the short but very steep McDonald Trail to what is known as Clear Creek Ruins.

I will try to name the photos “Ruins” to keep our two hike separate. Please see the Map of Camp Verde. The green arrow on the map shows this location in the Verde valley. I will also include at link to an article (may need to copy and paste)

that describes some of the ruins in the Verde valley where the author states this more-or-less unknown ruin actually represents a settlement much larger than the better known Tuzigoot and Montezuma’s Castle National Parks. Funny thing is that after Emily and I (oh…and Joey too!!!) climbed up and back, we discovered talking with locals that there is a huge pueblo ruin just above the rim. Guess we are going to have to go back!!! It was nice to be able to visit a ruin “just the way it was”. There were thousands of broken pot shards all over!!!!! Don’t worry…we left them be. As they say; "take only photos and leave only foot prints".

Emily had also heard of a 5 mile loop hike just a few miles from the Fort. It is called “Copper Canyon Loop Trail”

so this morning we got up and struck out early while it was still somewhat cool. See the yellow arrow on the map. Joey wanted to tag along, so we decided to pack extra water and off we went. This turned out to be a GREAT trail. I will try to name these photos “Copper”. The first half of the hike took us up (and up...and up...) from the canyon floor to the ridge using switch-backs. This old man was a puffin’. The sun was warm and there was little shade, so poor little “black shadow” Joey was getting pretty hot. We did make numerous stops at what little shade we could find, but about halfway through the hike both Emily and I were getting a little worried. Well…miracle of miracles… just a little past half-way we found a small babbling brook and cold water pool. We had been giving Joey frequent breaks and water, but this brook and pool were paradise for him. Usually he shies away from water, but today he walked right in, lapped up about a quart, and then laid down in the water. Yooo…hoo!!!!!!! From here the trail back to the car was along the stream, pretty level, and much more shade.

Our next visitors are Emily’s sister Judy and Woody. I guess we have a list of “Must See” locations for them to choose. Adios for now!!!

PS. Over the past 2 years we have used Cyndy's address as our home base, and then we also used addresses from some of the places we have stayed. Problem is now we have a number of old addresses and we have lost some important mail. With that in mind, we have subscribed to a central USPS mail location for all Snail-Mail. Good news is they shred all junk mail, and then scan 1st class mail and email us. If there is correspondence that needs to be forwarded to us, they do that periodically. So our new Snail-Mail only address is:

Emily and Mike Bliss

514 Americas Way #11533

Box Elder, SD 57719

Please use this address if you are sending us Snail-Mail such as checks and hundred dollar bills. Our email and phone numbers remain the same.

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