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Good Evening in Mandarin “one shug how” The same waitress quizzes me each morning and we add a new word.

Today we are in docked outside of Rome and if your willing to take a 2 1/2 hr. bus ride one way or the train on your own you can go into Rome. Keep in mind it is Easter weekend at The Vatican. Since we have been there before we opted to go to Tuscany. There was a stop in town where we had cappuccino and what appeared to be round crescents covered in brown sugar crystals.

In visiting the shops we managed to buy blackberry jam, a print that was the exact same doorway and fountain D took my picture in front of like the movie Under the Tuscan Sun and a small thin cup. The kind of cup my mom likes. It was wrapped in bubble wrap, then tissue paper, tied with a ribbon, and an Easter sticker because “it’s for your mum you know.”

Then we drove on to the farm that grows olives and grapes.There was a huge John Deere dealership along the way and 100’s of acres of wheat, fennel, strawberries, watermelon, and sheep. The barns have screened sides to hold the hay. The Olive trees have rows of Lavendar behind them. Almost every drive way is lined with olive trees for personal consumption. The olives are harvested in September for the green ones that are pickled and October for the black ripe ones. The first press is the extra virgin oil and the grade lowers with each press. The trees are shook by machine just like the the pecan trees in the States.

Now for the best part. We were given small pieces of bread with three kinds of jam and different tins of oil to dip plain bread in. All served with wine from their vineyard.

D headed for a nap, I went to crafts and make a rose out of ribbon, and an origami flower???? It didn’t turn out well and kinda looked like it had been run over.

Then a lady from Canada who I just met, went with me to the spa for treatment of our under eye bags. We were there 45 minutes, had 6 tubes of various lotion, cream and serum placed on our ring finger ( because it’s less likely you will push too hard with that finger) when it was complete I saw no difference in the bags but if I bought $143 worth of special offer pack of 2 tubes and continued to use them it could help. Alas I must live with puffy eyes but more likely less salt.

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