Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Today I learned to say good morning and thank you in mandarin. A Chinese man said good morning to me and I wanted to say it back in Chinese. “Zow shung how”. Thank you is Zie Zie .

We played battle of the sexes trivia. D was a hero because he new the name of Barbies sister and I knew what it meant to be black flagged in an Indy race. Women are only ahead one point.

We have been told not to save seats at the shows. Tonight at the ventriloquist show, a woman tried to save 6 in the row in front of us. A man walked up and said he was the ships attorney handling all the saving seat law suits. I think for a minute she believed him.

Met some nice women and a few men at scrapbooking class. Cut out a lot of letters for people.

Favorite t-shirt sighting “ Well aren’t we just two scoops of grumpy in a bowl of bitchy this morning”.

Tomorrow Italy and Olive Oil.

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