Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Today we went the grocery store and purchased 2 oranges and a couple of donuts. All produce must be weighted and a sticker attached before you go to the checkout. If you don’t a woman chases after you and motions you to return to the produce dept. for said sticker. No bags are ever handed out so you must carry items free form. Best oranges I have ever had.

Six other couples were in the lobby waiting for cabs to the ship terminal. All Aussies and Brits. An elderly couple appeared from the US who were returning to their ship to continue a 285 day world tour.They had flown home for a grand daughters graduation and had returned to re-board the ship in Barcelona. With them were 6 suitcases and 2 walkers with seats. They were not shy about demanding help without being the least bit courteous to those who did the work. I wished them a safe voyage and patience for those who encounter them.

The Embarkation was the easiest and fastest we have ever had. With everything being electronic, all they did was scan our boarding pass, collect our passport and visa’s, take our picture, and we walked aboard. Maybe 20 minutes.

I was wrong about this ship it has never sailed before. We are on its maiden voyage. It even has that new ship smell and lots of trinkets for the guests who are initiating it.The bulk of the passengers are Australian and Chinese. All announcements are made in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

We can hear the band in the Music Hall below us like someone left a radio on. Just in the background.

Poor D barely had his eyes closed when he fell asleep. Which I should be doing too. Big trivia day tomorrow.

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