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April 6, 2019. She’s Got A New Altitude!

After getting back from a wonderful trip to Mexico on March 30, I decided I wanted to go check on my chateau before picking up Wanda on April 4. Since I was carless, I booked a Hotwire deal for a rental car from Enterprise in Littleton. And yes, they will pick you up if you call 20 minutes ahead as directed, but only if you are patient enough to wait for at least 90 minutes because it is a Monday at 8:40 am. Thank you sweet William of Uber.

On Thursday I made the delightful 3-hour schlep from Buena Vista to Loveland. And I only got one rock ding in the Kia’s windshield.* My transportation issues were not quite over when I turned in the car at 2:00 pm in Loveland. Despite assurances that he, like Enterprise, could pick me up, my texts and calls to my sales dude at Colorado Camper Van had gone unanswered. So being a resourceful, independent, kind-of-in-shape, and possibly impatient person, I hoisted one bag filled with clothes and another with camping supplies over each shoulder, grabbed my overweight purse, and did the .7 mile walk looking like a bag lady.

You see, Wanda was going to be done by 2:30 and I couldn’t wait to see her! As I walked up the driveway, there was a tall white Ford van with a shiny new top that had a Namaste sticker on the back. The doors were unlocked so I went in. It was my Wanda alright, but now I could stand up even though her top was not yet popped! There was now space, (sweet, precious space!) for exciting stuff like panties, shoes, and a ukulele over the driver and passenger seats! Wow!

Excited, I went inside to find someone to give me the grand tour. My sales dude, Chris, had gotten tied up with another van picker-upper, but Mark, the Sales Manager, took great care of me. He showed me how to operate the power pop-top with the inside button or outside with the remote. No more pushing up, pulling down, using tools to open and close latches, or getting on the step stool to fasten the outside clips when it is windy or raining. He turned on the six built-in LED lights with the dimmer switch and showed me the tiny remote. He demonstrated how to use the remote-controlled Fantastic Fan, complete with thermostat, and said there were two USB ports at the head of the bed. I think he forgot to give me the USB remote.

After Mark explained all the bells and whistles he took care of a couple of very minor issues, told me to call him with any questions, and said he’d let me know when the buyer of my old pop-top comes to pick it up. Yes, this great guy sold the old pop-top for me! That made paying for Wanda’s upgrade a little less painful. I am very impressed with Mark and everyone at CCV. A very apologetic Chris took several pictures of Wanda’s interior to post on their website. She will be their Sportsmobile poster girl.

Finally at 4:30 I drove away in my “new” van, stopping at Sprouts for food and water before camping at Boyd Lake State Park for three nights. I am getting used to my new modular bed configuration and have some ideas on how I will decorate the foam cushions. Tomorrow I will head south to see my family and pick up Wanda’s cargo carrier.

Before I head back to BV I will do some shopping at Lowes. Seems my little chateau is also getting a new top, as in roof repair. Yep, she's a leaker. I already have a man on the job, but that is a story for another day.

*It is just a small ding. But being the anal person I am I called Chase Sapphire before turning the car in to see what they cover in case Enterprise cannot just repair it. Good to know Chase reimburses up to my $500 deductible.

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