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This was kind of a crazy trip. Over winter break when my friend group was hanging out at Thiemel’s house, a bunch of us started talking about this semester. Four of us were studying abroad and four people had the same spring break! So, naturally, we all decided to go to Copenhagen!!!

My flight was a little late but I got into the city and met my friends at this little Danish restaurant. There were a group of older guys eating and eventually dancing and I loved it.

We walked back to the Airbnb which was in the heart of the city.

On the trip was me, my friend Dan, Thiemel, Emily, and Eliana from home. Then from Eliana’s school she brought Carolyn, Kathryn, and Kaylee. Then we all just caught up, had some wine, played cards, and got ready to go to a club. The club was super chill and we just did a lot of dancing. Really small and manageable city. Super cute architecture. We all walked back, and squeezed into the Airbnb for bed.

In the morning we took our time getting up. At around 11am the military/ royal band walked through the city playing instruments! We could see it right from our window. Then we all went to this little coffee shop right across the street. After that, people wanted to rent bikes but I said we should do it the next day because of the weather. No one wanted to listen to me so we rented bikes and rode them to the urban park which had some cool swings, a boxing ring, and weird lines on the road. The bike ride was really pretty and the city is basically created for riding bikes.

The park was cool and we were just climbing over everything goofing around but then it started to sprinkle, then hail, then POUR. People should have listened to me. We waited for it to die down a little and then we rode back in the rain. Got back to the Airbnb and dried off.

After the sun came back out we walked to this little authentic place for lunch. I got homemade hash and it was so good. After lunch people wanted to do different things so Emily, Thiemel, Dan and I walked to the harbor and then the trampolines which are kind of for tourists but they are really fun. We stopped at our friend Jordan’s apartment because he is studying abroad there, we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall place for dinner and I got fried rice, and then we just went back to the Airbnb and played cards.

At night we went to the “no stress bar” which had polaroids everywhere and super fancy cocktails. It even had had an old fashioned Mario kart video game set up. After that we just went back to the apartment and hung out. The next day I had to leave but I left in the evening so we had a lot of time together. We went thrift shopping in the morning and I got these two super cool jackets. We had to walk my friend Emily to the train station and said goodbye. I hung out with my friends Dan and Thiemel, walking around the city, heading to a beautiful garden and castle with a moat! In the evening we went to dinner at this cute restaurant with books everywhere. It was weird though because you couldn’t actually touch or read the books — they were in Danish anyways. I had to leave and I was really sad to leave my friends. It was so nice to see them and to get a little taste of home.

Getting back to Dublin was easy but the flight coming in was so bad because of the wind. When we landed we didn’t glide in but I felt like we basically crashed into the ground and a bunch of people screamed so that was scary but it was nice to get back into my room and chill out. Very fun weekend for sure – and Copenhagen is just so cute.

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