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One of many entrances to slot canyons.




Its getting narrow

Thats far enough I told her

This day started out with a bang,actually it was a pair of sonic booms this morning as we were leaving Rachel.Those military jets from area 51 were doing some fancy maneuvers in the sky.I guess they can do almost anything out there including flying very low.

We now have to put away our summer shorts,trading them in for long pants, sweaters and jackets with the cooler climates as we move north.

After backtracking to Alamo to refill our fuel tank we made our way to Cathedral Gorge State Park. Marion had no idea what she was about to see there,I already scoped this park out previously and had to make this a destination one way or another. It reminds me of the photos I have seen of Bryce in Utah. We arrived early and lucky us, got the only site available or today would not have happened.

To say she was happy about this park is an understatement.She loved it so much she insisted we go on another 4 mile walk thru it.We picked one of the trails and almost got lost on our way back to the campground,luckily we could see the RVs and headed in that direction. Again we have hundreds of pictures to sort thru ,it will be a difficult task to discard or keep some pictures.

I forgot to mention that we have now had wifi in both state parks on this trip. IN Arizona we had it and here again in this park. It is quite pricey here,but it is there if you really need it.

temperature H 14C L 6C Elevation 4727 ft

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