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King's Palace in Phnom Penh

Spire Roof Detail

King's Elephant Mounting Pavillion

Architecture Detail 1

Groomed Fan Palm

School Group Outside of Museum

Architecture Detail 1

Architecture Detail 3

King Norodom Mausoleum

Architecture Detail 4

13th Century Khmer Empire

Our journey thru Cambodia will culminate in Phnom Penh, the nation's capital. Drove back north from Kampot upon the same gravel, bumpy, dusty roads we had 'enjoyed' two days ago - still not paved, though this traverse thereof was daylit, at least illuminating the experience, if one cared to observe !

The only site we visited in Phnom Penh was the Royal Palace. It is relatively new - built in the 19th century. Interesting building was that used by the king to get onto his elephant; don't know as I've seen one of those elsewhere.

This Cambodian birding journey was a life-time experience. We saw about 300 different bird species, and numerous reptiles & mammals. Ken, our tour organizer & leader, is the prime reason for the ease of enjoyment experienced; 'Not-a problem' perspective liberally seasoned with humour made for a really memorable journey. Thank you Ken.

The opportunity to experience, and learn about, the Cambodian culture was both heartbreaking and hopeful. The Cambodian smile still shines brightly through unimaginable horrors. Our guide Naran is living proof - Saum Arkoun Anak Naran.

And best of all, we will join Ken and his wife Megan in Ho Chi Minh City in two days time. As Robin Williams best said - "Good Morning Vietnam" !

Ciao for now

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