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They had turtles

Lunch at the KL Bird Park With our

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This Massive Hornbill Was Too Shy To Join Us But Did An...

Raja Brooke’s Birdwing - Even Its “Torso” Is Beautiful - Nat’l Butterfly...

Duncan’s good fiend from his University of Alberta days, Ian Jenkins, has lived in KL for 10 years but had not returned to the renowned KL Butterfly Park since his daughters were much younger. We were happy he chose to join us on our touristy outing-of-the-day.

The park is essentially a beautifully landscaped garden with a large netted tent over it to keep the butterflies contained. It took a few minutes to get used to them and not startle when one flitted in front of my face.

The park was teeming with life, not only a diversity of butterflies and plants but also ponds with colourful koi and another where three happy turtles munched away at their lunch.

Upon exiting the tent there was a room showcasing some other live critters such as live dung beetles, stick bugs, scorpions and massive deadly millipedes. I reserved my up-close examinations for the framed displays of definitely dead species.

From the Butterfly Park Ian drove us over to the KL Bird Park cafe. There we enjoyed a refreshing beverage as we watched the antics of a pair of long-legged birds that appeared to be trying the distract-and-grab tactic at a nearby table. A short while later a large black hornbill flew past us, its bright orange beak a stark contrast to all the foliage.

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