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Not far off shore and accessible by cablecar, monorail or a boardwalk complete with moving is Singapore’s very own “magical island”. which is called Sentosa.

The island property includes diverse activities such as a bungy jump, a wind tunnel “skydive”, a water park, the world’s largest aquarium, a Universal Studios amusement park, a preserved coastal fort, a cable car network, a mountain luge, zip lines, audio-visual extravaganzas and scads of other attractions and dining options.

The magic of Sentosa therefore is no fancy trick; it is simply how fast it can make your money disappear.

We however went to Sentosa Island for its beaches.

At Ola Beach Cub we paid $22 for a double lounge chair, umbrella and tables. That is about the same as we’ve paid elsewhere on our travels. Then we were delivered two iced teas - menu cost of $4 each - included in the lounge rental. If one takes into consideration that a non-alcoholic beverage runs around $8.50 in the other touristic parts of town we were pleasantly surprised to get ourselves what I suspect to be one of the best values in Singapore.

We spent several hours watching the large number of commercial ships in the Strait on Melaka. More entertaining though, was watching people learning how to use a water jet pack/boot combo. From what I could tell, controlling the water pressure and balancing oneself high above the waves takes a good deal of practise.

Best of all was that the water was so wonderfully warm we could wade in chest deep without even a wince.

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