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Korean BBQ dinner. Sascha, Valerie, Verna, Cynthea

Wayne and Tony

Shipwreck Bay

Sascha's apartment

St Andrew's spider... big bastard!

Rhodes from Shipwreck Point, Homebush Bay

Sydney Olympic Park stadiums

Wentworth Point, Bennelong Bridge, Rhodes - fr Shipwreck Point, Homebush Bay

Friday 29th

Weather is warm (25), sunny and humid. A good sleep in today, we are suffering from the early start yesterday. After lunch we explore the area, Wentworth Point has a free shuttle bus that takes a loop around a couple of shopping centres, here, and across the Parramatta River in Rhodes. A brilliant wee service that departs every 15 minutes, and the drivers we met yesterday were friendly and helpful, and even waited for people running to get on. We stay on for a complete circuit to get our bearings, and then get off at Rhodes and walk back across the Bennelong Bridge. We laugh at a “no diving past this point” sign on the bridge, does that mean you can dive before it? You will splatter on the road below, or at the other end land on the roof of a building under the bridge. Sascha says the village is like Legoland, and it does look a bit like that. It was built for the Sydney 2000 Olympics so everything here is new. We are on the Parramatta River, about 20km from central Sydney, about an hour by ferry or train. We under the flight path from Sydney Airport, but it is not too much of a problem.

Humid, and about 25 degrees, we escape to the supermarket, try to do a small shop, and head back for the bus. It pulls up to the sop while we are still across the road, but the driver sees us coming with our bags and waits, even though there will be another in a few minutes.

We rest up after tea, and watch a movie until bedtime.


Mar 30th - Saturday

Overnight rain, it is overcast, 22 degrees, occasional showers. Another chillaxing morning. Cynthea goes for a swim in the pool at the complex here. Tony goes for a wander around the area.

Tea with the family tonight at BBQ City, Bankstown, a Korean style restaurant where you choose your food from the buffet and cook it over a charcoal brazier set into the table. We are celebrating a few birthdays… Tony, Valerie and Adam all within the past week, and Cynthea on Monday. Sascha, Verna and Rabia are along for the ride. All you can eat with a wide range of food to choose from. The owners sent over a couple of (very expensive) Wagyu steaks for us as it is our birthdays. They were lovely, just melt in your mouth…

March 31st – Sunday

Tony’s cousin, Wayne Jones, came over from Sutherland to see us. We went out for brunch at a restaurant around the corner, it was great catching up after 15 years! Sascha then takes us for a wee wander around the area, probably walked about 7kms this afternoon. We walked over to Shipwreck Point in Homebush Bay, where they used to dismantle old ships in the 1970’s. There are a number of old wrecks still there today, many with mangroves growing up through them. Fish are jumping in (that should be out of…) the water, and there are some bloody big, bloody hungry, mossies (note to self - bring bug spray on walkies). We wander tracks down to Bicentennial Park, (and see these MASSIVE St Andrews spiders), and then home walk along Bennelong Parkway, adjacent to Sydney Olympic Park.

A sunny, warm day, high of about 21 degrees, a bit of a cool wind from time to time.

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