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Bar Bellied Pitta

Puff Throated Babbler

Black Crested Bulbul

Spotted Crake

Green Eared Barbet

Puff Throated Bulbul

Spotted Crake vs. White Crested Laughing Thrush Stare-Down

Orange Headed Thrush

Siberian Blue Robin

Dinner at the campsite

White Rumped Shama

Stripe Throated Bulbul

Emerald Dove

Orange Headed Thrush

Slatty Legged Crake

Home Sweet Home

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

The Bat Mobile Cab

Last Siem Reap Cab Ride

We headed northwest about 2 hours out of Siem Reap into the Changkran Roy area in the Phnum Kalen National Forest. Here we'll be birding today & tomorrow, with overnight camping in tents, and meals prepared at the campsite by local villagers.

The birding was loaded with many first sightings of different species; by the end of day 5 in Cambodia we've seen more than 140 different species.

The sleeping arrangements were quite comfortable once the daytime temps dropped at around 10pm. The food was amazingly tasty given the rudamentary kitchen; wood fired open pit.

We spent our last night in Siem Reap before proceeding into central northern Cambodia.

Ciao for now

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